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Tony Cavanaugh is the author of five novels (Hachette) and has been translated into German and French. He's also the author of the novella The Soft Touch and his writing can be found in a variety of national papers. His latest book is Blood River (Hachette, 2019)


Blood River – the highly ancipated new novel from Tony Cavanaugh – is out now!
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I’ve been waiting for this from Tony Cavanaugh. Gritty, dangerous, atmospheric and utterly compelling, he has found his voice and his feet. Darian Richards is the sort of hero that all crime writers wish for – one they can base a long career upon. Connelly has Bosch, Rankin has Rebus. Cavanaugh has Richards.
— Michael Robotham
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Top Homicide cop Darian Richards has been seeking out monsters for too long. He has promised one too many victim's families he will find the answers they need and it's taken its toll. After surviving a gunshot wound to the head he calls it quits and retires to the Sunshine Coast in an attempt to leave the demons behind.  Read more ... 


Kingdom of the Strong

Acclaimed crime writer Tony Cavanaugh is back with a gripping new novel. 

Darian Richards is an ex-cop, a good one. He did whatever it took to solve a crime and stop the bad guy. Whatever it took! But after sixteen years as the head of Victoria's Homicide Squad, he'd had enough of promising victims' families he'd find the answers they needed. He had to walk away to save his sanity. Read more ... 


Dead Girl Sing

Darian Richards knew he should have let the phone keep ringing. But more than two decades as a cop leaves you with a certain outlook on life. No matter how much he tried to walk away, something, or someone, kept bringing him back to his gun. One phone call. Two dead girls in a shallow water grave. Read more ... 


Promise & Dead Girl Sing

'There's a touch of Raymond lurking in Tony Cavanaugh's novels though his work owes as much to recent American hardboiled fiction such as that of Robert Crais, Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke.' Weekend Australian

A unique crime collection that brings together Tony Cavanaugh's powerful debut novel Promise and its critically acclaimed follow-up Dead Girl Sing in one must-read volume. Read more ... 

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The Train Rider

One man pushed Darian Richards to the edge. The man he couldn t catch. The Train Rider. As Victoria's top homicide investigator, Darian Richards spent years catching killers. The crimes of passion, of anger, of revenge ... they were easy. It was the monsters who were hard.  Read more ...

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Tony Cavanaugh meets the Rolling Stones – Sydney Morning Herald

I was a fat kid. My nickname was Tubby. I was a short kid. Soon my nickname would turn into Stubby.
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The Soft Touch

A gripping short crime story featuring Darian Richards, a retired homicide investigator. He was one of the best. But chasing monsters eventually took its toll and he quit the force to sit on a jetty on the Noosa River. The Soft Touch takes you deep into Darian's past, to the life lessons that made him who he is.